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Hassan Shibly, Esq.

Founder and Lead Attorney

Hassan Shibly, a Syrian American Immigrant, is an internationally recognized civil rights attorney and non-profit consultant with over a decade of advocacy experience.
He is is the founder of Muslim Legal, a boutique law firm focused on assisting American Muslims find faith based solutions to their legal needs. Prior to that he served as the executive director of the largest Florida Muslim Civil rights organization, CAIR-FL for a decade. He has helped CAIR-FL grow into one of the largest American Muslim civil rights organizations and been instrumental in inspiring the American Muslim community to establish or grow similar offices across the country.
His work has focused on protecting the American Muslim community from FBI harassment, profiling, informant recruitment and entrapment; CBP and TSA profiling and detention; and protecting prisoner’s rights and assisting victims of the US war on terror. He does so through direct pro-bono legal representation, education through public speaking and social media marketing, lobbying and political advocacy, traditional media engagement and appearances, and fundraising and inspiring institutional growth of the American Muslim community.
He is not afraid to take on controversial cases and speak truth to power, and his advocacy work has earned him many enemies. He has also established a traditional Islamic education publishing company and Help Yateem USA, a non-profit focused on empowering orphans in Africa.