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Solving your legal problems

Islamic Arbitration

Resolve your conflicts through Islamic Arbitration.

Islamic Mediation

Resolve your personal, business, family, or other disputes through Islamic Mediation.

Islamic Legal Divorce

Secure legal divorce in a manner consistent with Islamic principles.


Secure help with immigration matters.

Islamic Business Contracts

Create Islamic principles compliant business contracts & solutions

Islamic Wills & Estate Planning

Ensure your assets are distributed according to Islamic Principles

FBI Targeting and Harassment

Protect yourself if unjustly targeted by the FBI

Islamic Marriage Contracts

Ensure your marriage is governed by Islamic principles

CBP & TSA Travel Delay & Harassment

Clear your name from the watchlist resulting in delays while traveling

Criminal Defense

Protect yourself from unjust charges

Civil Rights

Know and protect your civil rights from government violations



Know and protect your civil rights from government violations.


Solving your legal problems


Hassan Shibly, Esq.

Founder and Lead Attorney

Hassan Shibly, a Syrian American Immigrant, is an internationally recognized civil rights attorney and non-profit consultant with over a decade of advocacy experience.


Mohammad Shair, Esq.

Immigration Attorney, Of-Councel

Attorney practicing a wide range of areas, with a particular focus on immigration, family, and landlord tenant law. As a child of immigrants who faced numerous immigration issues.



Estate Planning, Of-Counsel

Mahira Q. Khan is an attorney licensed to practice in Florida and Texas, primarily focusing on estate planning at the firm. Mahira’s experience includes probate, financial services, credit, and property insurance litigation, in addition to immigration and family law.