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Muslim Legal

United by a shared vision of making ethical faith based legal solutions accessible to all.


Hassan Shibly, Esq.

Founder and Lead Attorney

Hassan Shibly, a Syrian American Immigrant, is an internationally recognized civil rights attorney and non-profit consultant with over a decade of advocacy experience.
He is is the founder of Muslim Legal, a boutique law firm focused on assisting American Muslims find faith based solutions to their legal needs. Prior to that he served as the executive director of the largest Florida Muslim Civil rights organization, CAIR-FL for a decade. He has helped CAIR-FL grow into one of the largest American Muslim civil rights organizations and been instrumental in inspiring the American Muslim community to establish or grow similar offices across the country.
His work has focused on protecting the American Muslim community from FBI harassment, profiling, informant recruitment and entrapment; CBP and TSA profiling and detention; and protecting prisoner’s rights and assisting victims of the US war on terror. He does so through direct pro-bono legal representation, education through public speaking and social media marketing, lobbying and political advocacy, traditional media engagement and appearances, and fundraising and inspiring institutional growth of the American Muslim community.
He is not afraid to take on controversial cases and speak truth to power, and his advocacy work has earned him many enemies. He has also established a traditional Islamic education publishing company and Help Yateem USA, a non-profit focused on empowering orphans in Africa.


Mahira Khan, Esq.

Estate Planning, Of-Counsel

Mahira Q. Khan is an attorney licensed to practice in Florida and Texas, primarily focusing on estate planning at the firm. Mahira’s experience includes probate, financial services, credit, and property insurance litigation, in addition to immigration and family law. Mahira graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Minor in Philosophy in 2010. Thereafter, she graduated from the Karamah, Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights, Law & Leadership Program. Mahira then earned her law degree from the Florida International University College of Law in 2013, where she was awarded the Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton Scholarship as well as the CALI Excellence Award for International & Comparative Law. While in law school, Mahira served as a student attorney at the Health, Ethics, Law and Policy Clinic, interned at the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida with the Honorable Judge Sarah Zabel, and interned as a legal editor with the Bloomberg BNA Patent, Trademark, & Copyright Journal.


Mohammad Shair, Esq.

Immigration Attorney, Of-Councel

Attorney practicing a wide range of areas, with a particular focus on immigration, family, and landlord tenant law. As a child of immigrants who faced numerous immigration issues, Mohammad takes immigration cases at a personal level. Personal experiences motivate the careful consideration each case is given and the passion each client is advocated for. Mohammad graduated from Florida A&M University College of Law in 2017. Mohammad is admitted to practice law in the State of Florida, with the ability to practice immigration across the United States.


Sharif Elkalbani, Esq.

Personal Injury Attorney, Of-Counsel

Sharif Alkalbani is a practicing attorney in the state of Florida. He has a passion for vindicating injured people and thus has focused on litigation within the space of personal injury law and cases. ‍ In his first 6 months of practice, settled OVER $3 MILLION in personal injury cases. His experience includes car wrecks, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, motor slip and fall cases, and dog bites cases. ‍ After graduating from the University of Central Florida at the top of his class with Magna Cum Laude in legal studies, Sharif obtained his Juris Doctorate degree from Western Michigan University Cooley Law school with Magna Cum Laude. Mr. Sharif took the Florida Bar and he crushed it from the first time. ‍ Alkalbani is a global-minded professional. Being multilingual, and having immigrated to the the United States in 2012, he and thus can effectively communicate with clients from all over the world.


Cesar Aguilar


Obtaining his education in paralegal studies at the University of South Florida and being a Notary for the State of Florida, Cesar believes that all people should be treated equally regardless of their background. Because of this, he has ensured that his main responsibility in the legal profession be to provide a voice to those who can not defend themselves. As a paralegal, he ensures that all doubts are answered whether that be in the English or Spanish language.


Danyel Dean

Admin & Certified Mediator

Danyel is a nationally certified mediator with a specialty in family law. She is a Florida state notary and is serving as office administrator. She is currently finishing up her first year of law school at the California School of Law. Danyel has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Washington and Jefferson University and spent many years in the suicide prevention and mental health fields. As a revert she seen and experienced the difficulties that Muslims face in America and she is eager to assist. She hopes to focus her future career in both family and criminal law. Sister Danyel has also launched several successful nonprofit organizations in an attempt to help serve the ummah that she feels so blessed to be a part of.